November 18, 2019
  • 11:45 am Conference on Oncology and Cancer Therapy
  • 11:39 am Conference on Food Science and Nutrition
  • 11:38 am Conference on Obesity and Diabetes
  • 11:36 am Conference on Nursing and Health Care
  • 11:28 am Conference on Dentistry and Oral Health
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Conference on Nursing and Health Care provides a platform to worldwide systems administration and trading the most recent advancements in nursing and its related fields and furthermore, offer a chance to attend the introductions conveyed by eminent experts from all around the world.  Conference on Nursing and Health Care will be held during “December 10 &11-2018” at Dubai, UAE with the theme “Nursing: Enhancing Life, Excelling in Care”. The main motive of the conference is to amplify nurses’ knowledge in recent advances in nursing care and populations with Nursing & Midwifery and also the treatment of individuals. Renowned speakers from all over the world, the newest updates, developments and the most recent techniques in Nursing are the hallmarks for this conference.

The conference intends to investigate the latest advancements in nursing education, management and practice in relation to health disparities and in breadth of other related topics. This is an opportunity to explore your research project, the best practice initiative, or provide continuing education that relates to the ongoing issues. Conference on Nursing and Health Care involves the theoretical and practical training that is provided to community nurses with the aim to adapt them their duties as nursing professionals. Attendees can: Take advantage of the opportunities to learn about Nursing Conference from a variety of oral and poster presentations; meet and network with nursing and health care professionals from students to researchers, faculty and dean; opportunity to associate with nursing and healthcare professionals from all over the world.

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