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Colloquium LLC welcomes each one of you to the “International Conference on Agriculture & Food Technology” to be held during September 16-17, 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand. The conference focuses on the theme “Assembling New Implementations in Agro-Food Research”

International Conference on Agriculture & Food Technology will provide a wonderful opportunity for you to refresh your knowledge and explore the new innovations in the field of Agriculture & Food Technology. We would like to thank each one of you for those who are going to attend the conference and bringing your expertise to our gathering. Our attendees will enjoy the diverse educational opportunities and networking events created through the collaboration of leading Agro-Food organizations.

Scope and importance of Agriculture & Food Technology


Agriculture is a production plant where the free gifts of nature such as land, water, air, soil energy, etc. are used as inputs and then converted into a single primary unit that is crop plants and their yield which is indispensable for human beings. Those primary units are consumed by animals and are converted into secondary units like milk, meat, eggs, wool, honey, silk, etc. Agriculture has the contribution of 16% in the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country. The agricultural sector also provides livelihood to two-thirds of the population. The agricultural sector is responsible for the employment of 58% of the country’s workforce.

Food Technology:

Food has become a high-profit industry by reason of the scope it offers for value addition, particularly with the food processing industry getting recognized in India as a high-priority area. In order to achieve the expected returns on investment through good quality and right value addition, application of technology has become imperative, leading to an unprecedented demand for scientists, technologists and other professionals who can manage the emerging challenges of the food processing industry effectively. This role of professionals and trained personnel in the food industry as well as in the various R&D areas of Food Science and technology is immense. In simple words "There is a huge requirement for Food Technology professionals in India and abroad”. The concept of processed foods has caught the imagination of consumers in recent years because of their enhanced convenience, variety, nutrition, and taste. The challenge, therefore, lies in continuously developing new variations of food items, as well as new processes that will maximize its appeal and shelf-life, and minimize the use of chemicals and preservatives.

Roles and Responsibilities of an OCM:

  • You can suggest any tracks/sessions of the Conference
  • To review the Abstracts of tracks of their interest
  • To organize a Workshop/Symposium at the Conference
  • To suggest potential Speakers/Delegates for the Conference
  • To send invitations to the high profile Speakers
  • Giving suggestions in getting Sponsors and Exhibitors
  • To give suggestions to increase the scope of the Conference
  • Serve as Session Chair as advised by Conference Chairs

Benefits of being an OCM:

  • Awarded with memento during the conference
  • Opportunity to meet experts in your field of expertise
  • Opportunity to Chair/Co-chair a session of your interest
  • Opportunity to decide the best poster award
  • Organizing Committee member will be felicitated with Certificate
  • University logo on the Conference Banners, Books and Website
  • OCM name and photograph will be displayed on the conference website
  • Discount on the registration fee to the group suggested by you




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