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Eco Smart Events


Eco – Smart Event Planner considers sustainability at all stages of the event planning and infuses it into the attendees' experience. Individuals who are responsible for planning events for their department, office or group can receive training and resources that help to reduce event waste and environmental impacts.

What is Eco – Smart Event?

Eco – Smart Event is one that takes a holistic approach to event planning with the goal to 1) reduce the total amount of resources being used including material and energy resources 2) encourage the reuse of resources, and 3) make sure that materials are disposed of properly through recycling or composting as much as possible. At the Homewood campus, a zero-waste event is defined more narrowly: all waste is either composted or recycled.

Why should I Eco – Smart Event?

Because events consume so many resources and generate so much waste, they are a strategic place to start to achieve the university's broad sustainability goals. And let’s face it; green events are more fun and make everyone feel virtuous!

How can I Eco – Smart Event?

The Office of Sustainability and Homewood Recycling offer a several resources to support your green event planning. Specific steps to take in zero-waste event planning.

Eco-Smart Event Planning Guide:


-Provide at least one vegetarian or vegan option
-Resist over-ordering
-Choose cloth napkins and linen table cloths
-Shift away from boxed meals and more towards buffet-style


- Use electronic invitations, advertising, and handouts
- Limit gifts and favours or choose products that are made locally and are sustainably sourced
- If using paper, choose FSC or recycled content paper
- Use dry-erase boards and projectors rather than paper flip carts


- Request proper bins from Facilities for your campus

 - Ensure convenient placing of bins and sufficient signage

- Bring storage bins and bags so no event supplies get left behind

- At Homewood, publish a Free Food Alert for leftover food


- Avoid putting dates and locations on event materials so they can be reused

 - Use locally and sustainably grown flowers

- Use reusable name tags and collect them at the end of the event

 - Limit use of balloons

 - Use a room with windows during daylight hours or host an outdoor event

 - Shut off AV, lighting, and HVAC equipment when not in use

 - Turn off lights in sun-lit rooms


- Choose a location that is accessible via public transit and has safe and secure bike storage