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Abdalla Abdelrahim Satti

 Professor of The National Centre for Research

 University of Gezira


A.A. Satti was graduated in the University of Gezira, and received his M.Sc. & Ph.D. from Khartoum University, Sudan. He is a senior researcher of entomology and pest management at the Department of Bio-pesticides and Bio-fertilizers, Environment, Natural Resources and Desertification Research Institute (ENDRI), National Centre for Research (NCR). He was a head Dept., 2006–2013, then a director of ENDRI from 2016 up to date. Satti is the founder and editor-in-chief of the “Environment and Natural Resources International Journal-ENRIJ”, and a member in some journal’s editorial boards. In addition, he is one of founders of “Sudanese Pest Management Society-SPMS)”, besides being member in several local and regional professional societies, associations and unions. As a researcher, he managed to lead/participate in a number of research projects considering sustainable agriculture, supervised ˃40 research projects at graduate and post-graduate levels, and published ˃120 scientific papers in journals and conferences, including new scientific achievements. Moreover, he contributes effectively in teaching, training and extension activities, and other community services via cooperation with relevant institutions. Main research interests include bio-ecological studies of insect pests and natural enemies, exotic pests, biocontrol, botanical pesticides and pest management in organic agriculture.