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Alan Stewart

 Senior Lecturer

 University of St Andrews

  United Kingdom
Research in his lab focusses on the roles of metals in the body. Currently they have several ongoing themes that focus on how essential metal ions (e.g. Zn2+, Ca2+, Co2+) are transported through the circulatory system; the roles they play in physiological processes, and how mishandling of metals caused by diabetes/obesity can lead to disease (particularly cardiovascular disease). Other work is focussed on the role of Zn2+ as a signalling ion and its crosstalk with Ca2+ signalling pathways in controlling cardiomyocyte contraction. They commonly utilise methods that examine the movement of metal ions within cells and across membranes or measure direct functional outputs. To date his work has attracted grant funding from UK Research Councils (Biological and Biotechnological Sciences research Council (BBSRC) New Investigator Award), British Heart Foundation, Fight for Sight and The Leverhulme Trust. He have published over 50 papers, many of which are in world class and field-leading journals such as PNAS, JACS, JBC, Chemical Science, and Blood. He is currently a member of the BBSRC Pool of Experts and sit on the Editorial Board of the journal, BioMetals.