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Benali  Abdel-Hai

 Assistant Professor

 Echahid Hamma Lakhdar University


Benali Abdel-Hai, Assistant Professor class A in El-oued University & Medical Physicist For the education and employment record, Since 2014, I am working as permanent professor in Echahid Hamma Lakhdar University (UEHL), El-oued. I have state engineer degree, in processes engineering and M.Sc. and PhD. (in the final step) in medical physics. For the teaching activity, I am teaching General physics, Biophysics and Scientific Writing (scientific English) in faculty of nature and life sciences.

Concern the scientific production, I have many publications in different journals such as EPJ, Physica Medica and JINST. For the communication, I participated in different international conferences such as IMIC2013 (Vienna, Austria), TESNAT2015 (Osmaniye, Turkey), ECMP2016 (Athens-Greece), ICRA2017 (Algiers, Algeria) and SIPM2018 (El-oued, Algeria)... In addition, I am an organizing committee member of the conferences SIPM2018, SNTMA2018 (El-oued, Algeria), Cancer San Diego 2018 (USA), Immuno Oncology Conference 2018 (Paris, France) and other conferences. Furthermore, I am an editorial board member in the journals of Advances in Theoretical & Computational Physics (ATCP), Open Access Journal of Oncology (OAJOY), Journal of Radiation Science and Technology, Clinical Radiology & Imaging Journal (CRIJ) and other journals.