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Joanna B  Strosznajder


 Warsaw Medical Academy


Dr. Joanna B Strosznajder  MD, PhD, neurologist and neuro-chemist, Professor of Neurochemistry obtained MD degree and the specialization in neurology in Warsaw Medical Academy (now Medical University of Warsaw). PhD in biochemistry in Institute of Immunology, Polish Academy of Sciences in Wroclaw. After PhD she obtained Alexander von Humboldt fellowship in Department of Biochemistry University of Cologne, Germany where she spend a very successful 2 years.  Professor in Department of Cellular Signaling , Medical Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS) in Warsaw from 1991 till now . Prof. JB Strosznajder is internationally recognized neuro scientist in the field of brain lipids, oxidative/nitrosative stress, amyloid beta peptides and synuclein alpha cytotoxicity and several pro-survival /pro-apoptotic signaling pathways in  cancer, brain ischemia, aging and in neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases(AD/PD).  The fundamental goal of her study is to elucidate the mechanism of AD and PD and to indicate the novel targets for the therapy of these devastating disorders. Prof. JB Strosznajder was the Head of Department of Cellular Signaling and the Head of Scientific Council in Medical Research Centre PAS. She training large number of students, graduates and post docs. Moreover, she organized many national and international meetings and conferences. Prof. JB Strosznajder published almost 200 original articles in highly recognized journals. She was awarded by: Alexander von Humboldt ( Germany ),  Meyerhoff (Israel), JSPS (Japan) and PAS Foundations.