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Matthew  D. Dovel

 Lead Scientist

 Nu - Rekall

  United States

Dr. Matthew D. Dovel : In our lifetime, there have been no significant innovations addressing mental health equal to the advancements in other scientific fields, until now. After a thirty year research project, in the private sector, behavioral modification has reached its first climacteric since the beginning of serious consideration for the field of psychology. Nu-RekallĀ® looks at memories as you might consider the source code of an operating system for a computer. Memories determine learned behavior, and if we can modify the memories; intensity, and emotion, of a 15 minute targeted segment of past conscious experiences, the resulting learned and/or reactive behaviors are also modified. Works by Matthew D. Dovel may start to sound like a science fiction novel, but we assure you, this is the new reality of psychology. Modifying a past targeted segment of memory is no long a theory; memory modification is done with a cognitive neuropsychology cognition sequential code leading an individual through an imaginative experience while recalling an inceptive traumatic event. The result, an immediate spontaneous remission in mental disorders, and preceding cascading dissolved experiential linked memories.