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Shagun  Shah


 Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute

Shagun Bhatia Shah is a motivated and dedicated Anesthesiologist with 16 years of experience in the field of Anesthesia. Her interest in Onco-anesthesia drove her to practice as a Consultant at RGCI and RC. She is especially interested in recent advances in anaesthesia like USG guided lines, nerve blocks, epidurals and anaesthesia for robotic surgery. She is certified in TEE (trans oesophagal echocardiography) use and utilizes it for managing cardiac patients undergoing noncardiac Onco-anesthesia. She has successfully conducted clinical trials like “Optic nerve sheath diameter guided noninvasive ICP measurement in patients undergoing robotic surgery in steep Trendelenburg position” and is presently conducting the trial “TEE for intraoperative goal-directed fluid therapy in cardiac patients undergoing non-cardiac Onco-anesthesia and robotic surgery in ST position” among others. She is ready to walk that extra mile with postoperative and terminally ill cancer patients to alleviate their pain and suffering.