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Speaker guidelines

Speaker Registration:

Speakers must check-in at the registration desk for completing the registration, or for any questions/concerns.

Time Schedule:

Speakers should reach the conference hall prior to their scheduled time. Allotted time for each presentation would range from 15-30 minutes, followed by 5-10 minutes of Q&A. Presenters should rehearse their presentations in advance to make sure they complete the presentation in time.
Make sure the presentation slides are readable to the audience.

Author Correspondence:

Speakers must provide the complete details of contact information (including contact mailing address, office telephone number, fax number and email address). Names and Affiliations of all the authors (Full name of authors, Department, University/Institution/Hospital, City, State, Country, Zip Code).Biography of the Corresponding author.

Speaker Standards:

Speakers Attire: Speakers are strongly encouraged to dress in business formals during presentations. Speakers should be well knowledgeable and expert in the area of presentation to meet the audience.

Presentation Skills: 

Presentation would definitely a topic of importance during conference session. Speakers should rehearse well in advance for the successful presentation with time management.

NOTE: No commercial advertisements are allowed during the session.