Conference on Food Science and Nutrition

Theme: Forum for food science and nutrition for a better tomorrow

  25 -26 February 2019  ||  Rome, Italy

Food Chemistry
Food chemistry is the study of substance procedures and associations of all natural and non-organic components of food. The natural substances incorporate such things as meat, poultry, lettuce, milk, and beer as examples. It is like biochemistry in its fundamental parts, for example, sugars, lipids, and protein, yet it additionally incorporates regions, for example, water, vitamins, minerals, catalysts, nourishment added substances, flavors, and colors. This teach additionally includes how items change under certain sustenance handling systems and routes either to upgrade or to keep them from happening. A case of improving a procedure is energize maturation of dairy items with microorganisms that change over lactose to lactic corrosive; a case of keeping a procedure would stop the cooking on the surface of crisply cut apples utilizing lemon juice or other acidulated water.